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1st Aid course Dec 2018


It needs 8h contact time so is two long evenings (6-10pm). The available dates have sailing in the mornings so we can only do 1/2d in the club, but we could do a shorter weekday evening and a 1/2d at the weekend. 


Please can you let me know preference / availability and we can find the best match.


  •      Tues 11 Dec 6-10pm (less if combined with a weekend)
  •      Thurs 13 Dec 6-10pm  ----“----
  •      Sat 15th Dec 2-7pm
  •      Sun 16th Dec 2-7pm


 We need 6 people to run and have a max of 10. it will be £55pp with 6 people, slightly less with more people.


We currently just have enough interested to run the course but when dates are considered this may drop so looking for more interested people.


Please contact Tony  Cadets@pysc.org.uk for more details





(Written on 05-Nov-18)