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Membership renewal


It is membership renewal time again. This year we are using an online system to collect membership information. You can find the form on the website at https://www.pysc.org.uk/new/form1/ffff/member.php

Once you have submitted the form, the first adult on the form will be emailed the payment information and reference number. Please quote the reference number on your payment.


If you have already filled in a membership form for 2019, please could you fill in your details anyway and drop Brenda a note at member@pysc.org.uk saying that you have already paid (assuming you have!) it would be most appreciated.


Hopefully the form is self explanitory but there are some things to note:-


1. We are asking for emergency contact numbers this year. Please can you supply two numbers.


2. We are required by the GDPR to ask you for consent to use your picture on the website, Facebook, or any publicity material we create. Please can you ensure that you tick the relavent boxes on the form if you wish to give us permission to use your picture.


3. You won’t be able to submit the form unless you have filled in all of the sections. If the submit button is faded and has a message saying “The form is not complete, ” please double check to ensure you haven’t missed any sections.


4. There is an option of a paper form, please send your request for a copy of it to member@pysc.org.uk


5. Any technical problems please email Stephen at webmaster@pysc.org.uk, any questions about membership email Brenda at member@pysc.org.uk .


6. I’ve sent this email to all members, if you are a family member you will only need to submit one form between you.


7. Some people don't have a landline and/or mobile but the form insists on two numbers for the emergency contacts. If you are one of these people please just enter a dummy number into *one* of the boxes (0100000000 or 0700000000).

8. If you are one of the categories of people who don't pay a fee (Honouary and Life Members) please could you fill in your details and ignore the payment information and drop Brenda an email (member@pysc.org.uk) telling her your status. This ensure our records are kept up to date.


9. Any feedback on this new system is most welcome.


Bren & Stephen


(Written on 26-Dec-18)