1. Club Boat Hire Rules


1.1  The Fleet

The Club Fleet is for hire to Club members and their guests during organised Club Events.  Currently the fleet includes RS Vision, RS Feva, 2 Picos, and several Toppers.  These may be hired by members if not required for Buddy or Cadet training.  Maintaining boats is expensive and time consuming so please treat them with respect.

1.2 Booking Arrangements

Boats may be hired on a single session basis and booked up to a maximum of four weeks in advance.  Booking forms must be completed and hire payments made beforehand.  Forms are held in a red ring-binder in the Race Office.  Payment is made to the Galley.

Hire charges per session are as follows:-

Note that payment is not required for Buddy sessions and other Club-organized training events.

1.3  Safety

Check weather conditions displayed above the race course on the boat house doors.  If the wind is Force 4 or above, consider staying ashore, and sail another day.  If in doubt, seek advice from the OoD or other experienced Club members.

1.4  Encouraging Boat Ownership

The purpose of the Club fleet is to provide boats for those new to sailing and to give new members a way to get on the water easily.  If you find that you are hiring club boats regularly perhaps it is time to buy a boat of your own?  Talk with club members for advice on what to buy.


Updated: 16 July 2011

(Updated on 16/07/2011)

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