Duty Swaps


With the Sailing Programme published, there will inevitably be a few duty dates that members need to change. Please remember that it is your own responsibility to ensure that an appropriately competent replacement is found.  Here's a reminder of the steps you need to take:-

1) Sign in to the club website and click on “My Duties”, then “Click here to find replacement”.  There you will find the contact details of all people who are equally qualified and suitable to swap with.  Competency codes are also displayed in the programme booklet, where you will find members' phone numbers.  You can swap galley duties with any club member.

2) Find a date that suits you and contact directly the person who you hope to swap with to agree a straight exchange.  Please do not send club-wide emails.

3) Once you have finalised a satisfactory swap, please also ensure that you:

If you are having difficulties in resolving a swap, please contact dutyswap@pysc.org.uk and ssc-chair@pysc.org.uk for assistance.

Thank you

Sailing Sub-Committee

(Updated on 10/07/2019)

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