PYSC Club Wear

PYSC Club Wear

Support your club.  Be proud to be a member of PYSC.  Gain admiring glances from members of the opposite sex. And nods from fellow sailors who recognise that you sail on some of the most challenging waters in the South West.

We have a range of club wear available, each embroidered with the club logo.  Polo shirts, hoodies, fleeces and caps, available in various sizes.  Looks best in dark navy, but for those maverick enough not to care, and let’s face it, once you get over 50 what’s the point, you can have them in anything from canary yellow, to flame red, bottle green or deep purple.

Range and prices as follows.  Examples can be seen in the clubhouse or adorning various members - though those with ”Portishead” up-side-down are wearing last season’s fashion.

To order please fill in the form, or email Hon Sec on


                          Size                        Colour                                                                              

Polo Shirt             S              35-37     White                    Red                     £13

                             M            38-40     Black                      Orange

                             L              41-43     Heather Grey    Burgundy           

                             XL           44-46     Deep Navy          Purple  

                             2XL         47-49     Sky Blue               Emerald              

                             3XL         50-52     Purple                   Bottle Green     



Hoodie                S              34-36     White                    Purple                £22

                            M            38-40     Black                      Red       

                            L              42-44     Sport Grey          Orange

                            XL           46-48     Dark Heather     Maroon               

                             2XL         50-52     Charcoal               Green  

                                                                Navy                   Gold     

                                                                Violet                    Ash Grey            


Fleece                   S              37-38     Black                                     £26

                              M            39-40     Seal Grey                            

                              L              41-42     Dark Navy                          

                              XL           43-44     Red                       

                              2XL         46-48     Yellow                  

                              3XL         49-51     Bordeaux                           

                                                                Bottle Green                     


Cap                                       White                                                   £9.50





                                               Forest Green                    


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