Changes to the OOD procedure

It has been agreed between PYSC and the Bristol Port Authority that in future the PYSC OODs would be requested to

1) Go to the Bristol Port website before the race and look under Shipping Information, then Tide Tracker which would give details of all planned shipping movements on each tide. The Bristol Port Authority have donated a tablet to the club for the OOD use. It is kept in the safe and will connect to the clubs wifi, this can be used on the day to check ship movements.

2) Phone the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) on 0117 980 2638 and:

      a) advise that we are sailing, together with the approximate times and locations – eg around Firefly, mainly south of the shipping lane (when sailing in the Bay) etc.

     b) Ask if they are any known changes to the shipping movements on their website.

The above is to ensure we don't occupy the Port Authority Staff for too long on the phone and they are still aware of the club's sailing intentions.

The Bristol Port web site has a graph of the wind for the past few hours which is worth a look too. Bristol Port Weather



(Updated on 25/07/2016)

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