Working parties and more

Up date on Dave Shaw, as most of us are now aware Dave injured himself starting a chain saw, he pulled muscles in his back and has been hopsitalised for a time as a result of his injuries, thankfully Dave is on the mend now, he very much appreciates the visits and good wishes he's had from club members.

Work at the club is progressing well, hopefully the buoys will be ready to go out after this Sunday, don't be shy, come on down and get stuck in, watch out for dates to get the buoys positioned.

PYSC has been represented at Star Cross steamer by Chris Gill and Adam Broughton who came second, Colin and Derek Jarvis who came 13th, Paul Roberts and Jon Clark who came 30th out of a fleet of 90 starters, well done PYSC.

It was also a one, two at the Roadford rocket for PYSC last Sunday, Jon and Chris Gill beating Colin and Derek.

Dave Herbert.

(Updated on 27/02/2017)

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