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Hi all,

The annual club try sail is on 21st May @13:00. Lots of help is required to ensure a safe and successful event. Please come down and help out where you can (Guests will start arriving from noon onwards). If you know of people who might want to join the club or friends and family who want to find out what you do at a weekend please invite them along.

Help required:-


The more people we have the easier it will be for everyone.

There will be a sheet at the club for people to sign up to jobs. If you don't make it to the club if you can let me ( know we can have an idea of how many people will be there.

RYA supplied posters are available at the club if you would like to publicise the event at your work place or else where.

You could use this one if you like too

Any questions please ask.


Stephen Brooks

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