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"Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club (PYSC) cadets had an outing to Portishead Quays Marina on Saturday morning, this was an ideal opportunity for the cadets to practice skills learnt over the summer at Portishead lake grounds, due to siltation at the lake grounds the boats often run aground and it isn't possible to practice capsize drills, so the cadets made the most of a different sailing area and more water to practice those all important capsize drills.
Our thanks to all who helped with transporting boats to the marina, and the staff at Portishead Quays Marina for their assistance.
The season is nearing an end, if you have children who may be interested in learning to sail next year, keep an eye on our web site .
Saturday and Sunday saw a total of twenty six boats take to the water at Sugar Loaf beach, nine new members went afloat with experienced club members, all of whom came ashore with big grins as they'd had a great time afloat.
Dave Herbert.
Photos, Dave Herbert for marina, Mike Chorlton for third photo."



(Updated on 20/10/2017)

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