Duty swapping

The new season is about to kick off.  We hope that you are all looking to get on the water as much as possible in the coming season.

Please check the programme to find when you are rostered to be on duty.  If you find it necessary to change when you are on duty, it is your own responsibility to ensure that an appropriately competent replacement is found.  To do this, please sign in to the club website and click on “My Duties”, then “Click here to find replacement”.  There you will find the contact details of all people who are equally qualified and suitable to swap with.  Please find a date that suits you and contact directly the person who you hope to swap with to agree a straight exchange.  Please do not send club-wide emails.

Once you have finalised a satisfactory swap, please also ensure that you:

  1. Post any changes on the copies of the programme to be found on the Clubhouse noticeboard;
  2. Notify the OODs (or other people on duty, if it’s an OOD swap) for the dates when you are exchanging;
  3. Email dutyswap@pysc.org.uk, so that the Club website can be updated.


If you are having difficulties in resolving a swap, please speak to a member of the Sailing Sub-Committee or contact Mike Chorlton for guidance.

(Updated on 05/04/2018)

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