Help with Beavers, and new members.

Hi - final few requests for me for a while.  

We've got lots of new adults all keen to get out and start sailing, but still in need of a little help.  If you want crew or are able to take anyone out this Thursday, Friday or Sunday please let me know.

Also, please always look out for people trying to rig club boats and offer to give them a hand, a few pointers here and there are always appreciated.

Wed 4th July 6-7.30pm - I'm after some more helpers to help with the Brownies this time.

We have had great success hosting the Beavers, and it is goo for the club that we are able to host these clubs to make sailing more accessible to all, and it will enhance any submissions for grants in the future by demonstrating we are an active community club.



(Updated on 02/07/2018)

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