Welcome new members/graduates!

Congratulations to the latest graduates of the sailing course. Over the course of two weekends (once in the class room, twice on the lake and twice in the sea) they have gotten to grips with the basics of sailing at PYSC. We even managed a "race" at the end of the last day, where a clear competitive steak was showing!

I hope everyone will welcome the new faces and if there appears to be someone lost on the slipway of having trouble rigging a boat, please lend a hand. Even better if you are missing you usual sailing partner or fancy going two up for a change, seek out a new face and show them the ropes!

Many thanks to all the people who gave up there time, to help run the course. We are always looking for new people to help out, you don't need to be a sailing instructor, or a great sailor, simply moving a few boats or helping to catch people on the slipway will be enough.

Welcome to (Left to Right, not all of these are new faces!) James, Anthony Alastair, Penny, Owen, Sophie, Paul, and Sarah.

The next club training event is on 28/6, this is open to all members, come along and practice some race starts,  practice a capsize or launch a spinaker up the mast instead of under the boat!

The next beginners training course starts Friday 21st September.

See you all at the BBQ on 7th July

(Updated on 20/06/2018)

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