Shirehampton Cruise

21 sailors and 10 boats set off to Shirehampton in a good stiff breeze.  Dru practiced a quick capsize and some knitting before catching everyone up. The wind was its usual self in the river, keeping every in my boat on their toes and teaching them to stay alert and active. Boats were moored and brought ashore, where we met 3 more PYSCers who had braved the M5!

Shirehampton are celebrating ther 40th year and lots of burgers and sausages were duly eaten. They had a raffle, to help them raise money for a new club house, and many a bottle of wine and sherry were won.

The beat back to the club was in a stiffinng breeze, but not challenging enough for some people who took to the water for a swim on the way back!  Mr Commodore joined the rescue boats in his rib on the way back.


PYSC sailors at Shirehampton.

More photos can be found here


(Updated on 26/07/2018)

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