Thanks Buoys!

Thanks to the team who assisted in getting No's 1 & 2 out on Thursday afternoon, many hands made lightish work of it, however, a build up of sand meant we couldn't find the normal weight that we attach No 1 buoy to, so at the moment No 1 buoy is attached to a sinker slightly further south than normal, hopefully on the next set of spring tides the sand will have shifted and we can get the buoy where it belongs.


Thanks to all for another great effort on Sunday, all looking good for 'channel chop and start of our season, one more buoy to go out, watch this space for details.


Thanks also to Ingrid and he's friend Isla who looked after the Turn the tide beach clean volunteers on Sunday afternoon.
Denise and I bumped into Simon and Iris Haigh recently, they asked us to send their regards to all who remember them
Dave Herbert



(Updated on 25/02/2019)

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