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The club website has been a bit poorly recently, and I have been beavering away at fixing it. The short story is that there was an automated robot trying to hack the club website, to be honest there still is, so I've had to batton down the hatches and double check all of the security on the site. With this done I am slowly re-enabling features on the site, this week you should get an email newsletter. If you don't please let me know :).

We really could do with some content for the newsletter of if you fancy sharing an article, some sailing tips or anything else, then please send them to me

In the mean time there is a full weekend of racing this weekend, sailing is in the evening so it carries on until Tuesday when there is a cruise (I think it is too the Royal to get Fish and Chip but I'm not sure).

If you spot anything wrong on the website or see some thing that is missing or not quite right you would do me a big favour by sending me the link that is broken or a screenshot, and I will add it to the list.

Happy sailing

Stephen Brooks (Web Thing)

(Updated on 12/06/2019)

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