We need your help!

The club is run by a group of volunteers who do things as mundane as mow the lawns and filling the petrol cans and we all benefit from their efforts. The more  people help with jobs then the easier they are, so if you feel you could lend a hand with one of the following jobs then please send an email to the secretary secretary@pysc.org.uk

Membership Secretary

The current membership secretary is stepping down at the end of this year and so we need to find a new one. The membership secretary keeps track of the members of the club, making sure fees are paid and new members find their way around the club. It is a year round role but most of the work is done around renewals time. This job has become significantly easier since we have created online membership renewals.

Website developer.

The website takes a reasonable amount of work, some of this is creating content some of it is fixing bugs, most of the structure has been created so if PHP, Mysql, angular makes sense or you would like them to come and talk to the web master webmaster@pysc.org.uk. I'm happy to teach you as much about technology as you are willing to learn.

Social Media/Website contributor

We have a number of places we need to keep up to date arounf the web (facebook, and the website) we are looking for someone to write/collect news stories from around the club and add them to these site, again this isn't a large job it just needs constant bits of work, e.g. once or twice a week. Volunteers again can apply to webmaster@pysc.org.uk

Social Secretary

We haven't had a social secretary for a number of years, but we feel it is time once again to see if anyone wants to step up the role. It is really what you make of it, we normally hold three or four events each year, this involves thinking them up and creating some posters, and posting onto various bits of social media. If you are interested please contact Anne at secretary@pysc.org.uk

(Updated on 14/08/2019)

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