Covid 19 update

Hi all,

The General Committee had a Zoom meeting on Wednesday about plans to return to sailing. We had the results of the survey and the general consensus seems to be we are all keen to get back on the water, but when things are safe.

The guidance from the RYA ( isn’t clear cut as they are catering for all sorts of clubs from lake sailing to yacht sailing so their advice still leaves a lot of things open to interpretation. The guidance from the government again isn’t clear, pubs can open but we are still limited to “organised” gatherings of 6 people.

The sticking point we keep coming up with is we need rescue cover and we aren’t happy asking people to take on that role and expose themselves to those risks. We are putting the rescue boat out to rescue people, the people on that boat need to be kept safe.

The guidance from the RYA is clear on one thing,

What responsibilities do we have as a club over members, staff and volunteers? 

A club’s management has both a moral and legal duty of care over participants, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders and must take whatever measures that are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure they are safe in relation to the relevant role they are playing.”

With this in mind the General Committee has taken the decision to plan to start sailing in September at the earliest, if we can mitigate the risks we have identified.  By that time we hope the rules will be clearer and the decision will be easier.

With that in mind we are making the plans so if the situation changes we can get on the water as soon as possible. If there is some work that can be done that isn’t expensive and is a benefit to the club, Covid-19 or not, we are doing it now.

What can you do to help? 

  1. If you answered yes to helping prepare then expect a phone call or a request to help during this planning stage.
  2. Please make your views known to the General Committee, it is your club we just operate it on your behalf. 


We have spoken about the situation for many hours, it isn’t any easy situation to deal with. We want to go sailing as much as you.

Stay safe.

(Updated on 04/07/2020)

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