2021 Sailing Programme


A belated Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you to everybody who did their bit to finally get us out sailing last Autumn.

Clearly, we still face a lot of challenges before we can get back to “normal”, whatever that means. In spite of the uncertainty, just as we were finally getting our 2020 season under way, the Sailing Sub-Committee was already on the case to put together a full and varied sailing programme for 2021.

There will be some changes to come. However, we wanted to share with you what it looks like at the moment, so you can all look forward to warmer times when we can get on the water. Follow this link to my Dropbox to download the preliminary programme in Excel format.

We are currently aiming towards sailing for the 1st time on Good Friday, 2nd April. Before then….

In recent years, we have asked you to choose your own duty dates, writing your name on a provisional programme on the club notice board. Clearly, we can’t do that this year. Many of you will know that we used Google sheets to fill in the rostering for the end of 2020 and we will look to do something similar for the coming season. We are not ready for you to do that, yet, but please watch out for updates.

What you can do to help right now is to ensure that you have been in touch about your 2021 membership. At the AGM / EGM, we extended the deadline date to the end of January and that date is racing up. If you are not planning to re-join in 2021, please do let us know, whatever the reason. Better still, let us know that you are going to be with us for the coming season. We put the programme together for our mutual sailing fun, but we can’t complete it without knowing who our members are. Please don’t leave us with the task of chasing you.

I really hope that we can get back to greeting each other down at Sugarloaf sometime soon. Until then please stay safe and well.

Mike Chorlton

SSC Chair

(Updated on 24/01/2021)

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