PYSC recording sessions

At the Dinner (not) Dance (not) last week we decided to record a PYSC song together. Anyone’s welcome to join in with any instrument – or to sing.  Don’t worry if you’re shy or inexperienced, I can fix any imperfections or bury them in the final mix! We’ll do something that will accommodate lots of instruments, solo singers and backing vocals.


It goes like this:

  1.  Email me in the next week (before the end of Jan) to say what instrument you’d like to play, or if you’d like to sing.  
  2.  When I see who wants to play what instrument (and sing), I’ll come up with some suitable song ideas and get back to you. 
  3.  We’ll choose a song and I’ll find music for everyone (lyrics, chord sheets, notation, whatever you need) and send it out.
  4.  I’ll record a backing track (probably with bass, drums, a melody line, and a click track) and send it out for you to listen to as you record your part. 
  5.  You record your contribution and send it to me. This will be audio only, and is fairly easy to do with a smartphone, or whatever equipment you have to hand. I will send out some instructions so we get the best sound quality possible.
  6.  I’ll mix all the tracks together and create our song.


Stephen Brooks has already told me he can play triangle, and I have guitar, drums and saxophone lined up already. Tell me what you’d like to play and I’ll start looking for a suitable number to showcase our talent.


Cheers, Bren  

Bren Romans

(Editor You can contact Brenda via Facebook or Whatsapp, if you don't know how drop me a line

(Updated on 25/01/2021)

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