Sailing starts Good Friday 2nd April

Hi All,

The great news is that it appears we can go sailing as originally scheduled on Good Friday, 2nd April, so we hope you are looking forward to the new season.

As always, the Sailing Sub-Committee has been working hard to get the new programme completed and the printed 2021 handbook will be available shortly.  In the meantime, if you follow this link to my Dropbox, you will be able to download the new programme in Excel format.  If you turn to the 2nd tab, you will find it in a format that will enable you to import it into your Outlook calendar as a CSV file.

As you will understand and expect, there is one major difference this year in that the duty roster is largely empty. In recent years, we have asked you to advise on dates when you would like to do your duties and built the roster from there. Given the uncertainty over when we might be able to get on the water, we have made no attempt to complete the 2021 roster in the same way, as that effort was completely wasted in 2020.

At last we have the opportunity to break the shackles and believe that we can go sailing all over Easter and onwards through April and into May. This is all very well, but to fulfil this objective, we need volunteers for OOD, Rescue Helm & Rescue Crew for every session.  We are not going to be ringing around to ask people to do a duty.  If we want to go sailing, then we need to recognise that we are a mutual help community and each do our bit. So, when is your turn?

Please follow this link to a Google Sheets version of the programme. As with the end of last season, please fill in your name and change the text to red to confirm that you are happy to take it on. General guidelines as follows:

We look forward to seeing you down at the club soon.  Here’s to a glorious year of fabulous sailing weather to lift our spirits in 2021.

Mike Chorlton

SSC Chair

(Updated on 25/03/2021)

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