Volunteers wanted as rescue victims


We are about to get on the water for our annual training sessions for new club members aspiring to become qualified for Rescue Boat Crew.  We have 2 "Wet" rescue training sessions coming up and need volunteers who are happy to deliberately capsize a few times and be rescued by the trainees.

The proposal would be to launch a Pico and a Vision on each occasion, so it would be good to get a few people to offer to take a turn at being rescued.  Below are the dates and times of the sessions.  The time shown is when we aim to get the rescue boats launched, so the dinghies will be launching for recovery around half an hour after that start time, or earlier if the volunteers wish to go for more of a sail first.

Volunteers, please contact Paul Roberts

Tues 11th May - On the water 18:30

Wednesday 9th June - On the water 18:00 

(Updated on 29/04/2021)

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