Use of e-mail lists

Use of mass e-mail - use bcc 

We have been asked to remind people to take care with large e-mail lists (duty swap etc), as these tend to escape and can lead to spam for all involved.

Please put the list of names in the bcc (blind copy) area rather than the "to" or "cc" section. This way the list is not circulated - people only see their own copy.

Depending on how you have your e-mail setup you may need to press the "to" or "cc" buttons to pull up a window that include the "bcc" option.  Some systems insist on you having someone in the "to" section, if this is the case it is usual to put yourself there.

There is not currently a website facility for mailing groups of members with appropriate qualifications.  Simple e-mail groups are a non-starter on security grounds - there is already a lot of "junk" e-mail addressed to random (plausible) addresses at the club!

(Updated on 17/07/2012)

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