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Hi everyone

We just wanted to provide an update following the move to the next tier of lockdown lifting and a few general notices.
Changing rooms
Changing rooms are now open but you should minimise use - RYA guidance is at the end.  We have blocked out areas to maintain distance and limit capacity.  Therefore, ideally come changed, but if you are using the changing room please move your bag out of a changing space once changed (place under bench or in shower area) leaving the space free for other members to change.  
The SSC will also be reviewing whether some sailing restrictions can now be lifted safely and within guidance.  Further information will be provided on this in a separate note.
Galley and Clubhouse
The galley will remain closed for the time being, but should open from 21st June when we reach the next stage.  A maximum of 4 people are allowed inside upstairs for now, so you may move upstairs to grab some water or leave valuables, but please stick to the limit of 4 inside.  The balcony may be used but please avoid congestion when moving about.
Boat Hire
Those of you who have hired boats recently, please ensure you make your payments.  £15 Vision, £10 Laser or Feva, £5 Topper or Pico.   Bank Details are 54-30-06  Acc. 99661594.  Please mark 'Hire- name'
Volunteer Buddies
We have a number of new members and hope for some more following the training course in May/June.  Please let us know if you are able to act as a buddy - email gc@pysc.org.uk.  This does not mean you need to sail with the new member, but help them, try and find people for them to sail with, encourage them to understand the weather and when it is suitable for them to sail, and introduce them to other members. 
Generally we have more new members and cadets down at the club.  Please say hi to them, help with rigging and pointing them in the right direction and generally be friendly.  Apparently the cadets think some of you are a bit scary!!
Fun Sail and BBQ - 27th June
We are planning to have a club BBQ following morning sailing on 27th June.  It would be great to have plenty of members along to sail and take out cadets and new members.  Then we will be doing a BBQ to raise some funds.  Any volunteers for helping with the barbie or making salads greatly appreciated - and let's keep out fingers crossed for the best British BBQ weather. 
That's it folks.  Hope to see you all on the water soon.
The GC

(Updated on 20/05/2021)

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