Cruise 25/7 details

Saturday AM update: The weather is looking good.Look forward to see you all tomorrow.


This weekends cruise will be going to the "The Sands"  (Middle Grounds) weather permitting.

Cruises are a great way to get to sail out of our normal confines and can be great fun, they also cause a number of hazzards we need to allow for.  Weather is the biggest factor.  If a force 4 is predicted, it is going to rain consistently, or there is thunder and lightening then the cruise will be cancelled.

When launching from the Sailing Club and from the Sands, we need to make sure both Rescue Boats are afloat before launching the dinghys and sailing off.

When we are in the water please keep the boats together.  If you find yourself getting ahead please turn around and re-join the group.

We have a number of new members and novices, it would be great to see some experience members coming down to help take them on some more adventurous sailing.
Things to bring
 * Cagoule (Something windproof/waterproof incase the weather turns bad)
 * Sun Cream
 * Buoyancy Aid
 * Drink

* Appropriate Clothing, in case there is a chage in the weather.
 Things to think about bringing

* Hat
 * Bucket & Spade
 * Football
 * Picnic
 * Towel
 * Waterproof bag for all of the above.

08:37 High Tide
11:00 Club House Open

11:20 Briefing
12:00 Set off from Sugar Loaf, Please be ready to set off (in your boats on the water)
13:30 Arrive at Middle Ground
15:16 Low tide (Avonmount -30 minutes)
16:15 Depart, return via Clevedon Pier.
17:15 Arrive back, wash boats.

Please let me know by email to if you are planning on
coming so I have an idea how many people there will be.

Having said all this the weather forecast doesn't look good. We will decide by Saturday whether the cruise is going ahead. This news story will be updated and so will the WhatsApp channel.

Look forward to seeing you all there

Stephen Brooks (Web Master and occasional OOD)   


(Updated on 24/07/2021)

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