Still lots of gaps in the duty roster

Hi All,

At the point of writing this news item, we have 56 unfilled gaps in the duty roster for OOD, rescue helm & rescue crew - Currently represented by ??? in the Google sheets version of the programme.

We feel sure that members won't want to see great sailing opportunities drift by, especially having lost so many sessions last year to the pandemic.  However, we all need to pull together as a mutual support group and get those gaps filled to stop that being the inevitable reality.

Perhaps you can only volunteer a couple of times, anyway.  Whatever you can do to ensure we get on the water, please do it now!

Follow this link to a Google Sheets version of the programme.  Please replace those ??? with your name where you can assist and change the text to red to confirm that you are happy to take it on.

Next week, we will be completing the duty roster for the year with duties allocated to those that haven't yet chosen their own, or enough of their own, duties.  Thereafter, it will be down to individuals to find replacements for their allocated duties like in any normal year.


(Updated on 24/07/2021)

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