Galley has been re-stocked

The Galley has been restocked and now has a good selection of Tea, Coffee, Posh Coffee, Chocolate, Coke, Fanta etc. There is also some long life milk in the cupboard.
If you fancy a cuppa then please be sociable and fill up the urn so it is easy to for others to have one two. The prices are the same as last year please put your money in the box. Social distancing is still required so please be careful when going up the stairs, and other pinch point in the club.
It would be great if people could stay around after the races and have a natter and a cuppa like the pre-covid days. This might be outside these days, weather permitting.
If you make something dirty please wash it up and put it away. Thank you.

(Updated on 24/07/2021)

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