End of year message

Hi all

So we're coming to the end of another year, and we have packed a lot into this year's sailing programme and there has been some great racing, cruising and training.

Here are a few end of year notes and some thank yous which were covered at the AGM but are worth a re-mention.


End of Year Notes

- thanks to everyone who has renewed their membership - remember final day for the renewal price is 30th Nov - but don't leave it til then 😉

- sadly there will be no dinner dance and prize-giving in January, due to some concerns about large gatherings especially over the winter.

- we do intend to do a prize giving at some stage, but it will probably be just prior to next season where we can have the option to have it at least partially outside.

- the GC are having our final committee meeting of the year at the Windmill on 13th Dec at 8pm.  We don't intend to do any formal business but would love any members to join us for a Christmas drink 🌲and share any thoughts about the running of the club. 

- the final race of the year, the festive race, will be held on 28th Dec.  If you think it's a bit too cold to sail, why not come down anyway for a mince pie, sausage roll and mulled wine.  If you're sailing don't forget the fancy dress and boat decorations.  If you are coming down to socialise, we are looking for a volunteer or 2 to run the galley.  If you are happy to do that, please email gc@pysc.org.uk

winter working parties will start from Sunday Jan 9th at 10am, then lots of Sundays from then on.  I'll put up a google sheets with a list of jobs for those that would rather do things in their own time.  Otherwise turn up on Sundays at 10am with your worst clothes, gardening gloves and an empty boot ready to go to the tip!   We'll send notes round if we have any particular focus jobs where we need all hands to help. 

- please email gc@pysc.org.uk if you are aware of any jobs that need particular attention over the winter.

- we'll be having a cadet committee meeting and winter working party in March, please let me know if you can help.

- the channel chop race is planned for 12th March 2022, ahead of the start of the sailing season on the 27th March, we'd love to see you all there for both.


Thank yous

- thank you to the whole SSC who have pulled off another great, packed year of sailing

- thanks especially to Mike Chorlton who is stepping down as SSC Chair after many years in the hot seat.  Mike has worked tirelessly on rostering (amongst many other things) which has been especially difficult over the last 2 challenging years.

- thanks to all those who help with cadets, and especially to Tony March who is stepping down as Cadet Chair after even more years running cadets.

- thanks to the whole GC who have kept things running smoothly throughout the year.

- big thanks to all those who get on and do things throughout the year that make the club function - especially, but not only, Tony and John on the boats.


So it's not over yet - a couple of weekends of sailing yet before the festive race.  And it's getting cold so wrap up warm if you're out this weekend.


Sarah & the GC.

(Updated on 23/11/2021)

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