Happy New Year

Hi all
Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you're enjoying the foggy start to the new year.  
Today should have been our dinner dance, but as you all know we took the decision to cancel it, and in the circumstances I am pleased we made that decision.
However we do intend to celebrate and hold a prize giving before the start of the season when hopefully things have calmed down on the Covid front and we can be at least partially outside.
In the meantime, it's not all doom and gloom - because there is the excitement and camaraderie of the winter working groups to keep you going.  Or if you prefer to keep your distance then you can pick a job and do it at your leisure.  Please use the link below to look at which jobs need doing and select one or many that suit you.  Some may need you to do some prep or take relevant tools, so if you can select before you go then that's great - otherwise there is always compound pruning to be done.  Also if you spot other jobs that need doing please add them to the list.
Winter Working Jobs list
A priority job that needs doing is lifting the buoys on 23rd January.  We need 3 or 4 strong folk, plus extra people around to launch the boats at 10am. 
If you are available to help please let me know on Whats app or email sarah@pysc.org.uk so we can make sure we have enough people. 
Thanks to all of you as always for everything you put into the smooth running of the club.
Sarah and the GC

(Updated on 15/01/2022)

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