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Would you be interested in a novel way of getting your company name in front of Portishead’s growing population? If so, we may be able to help.   











Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club (PYSC) offers sailing training to local children in the safe environment of the Portishead Lake Grounds.  Our dinghies are viewed with interest by visitors to the Lake Grounds on most weekends between March and October. If you have seen them yourself you will know that it is quite a spectacle as the boats dart around in front of such a beautiful backdrop. 



We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor a sail so your company logo can be seen by all the Lake Grounds’ visitors.  The Cadet Section is run by volunteers so costs are kept low, but we do need extra funds to provide the right equipment. The coverage we had in the local press last season means we have a long waiting list of children keen to learn sailing. To help get them started as quickly as possible, we are hoping to buy some more boats and refurbish the older ones.   This is where you come in…

We can offer you a flexible sponsorship package to suit your marketing budget. This can range from a hull sticker on one of our boats to your logo in pride of place on a sail. Your company will also get a mention on our “Proudly sponsored by..” plaque on the boathouse for all to see even when we are not sailing. 



We hope you agree that this is a great opportunity to increase your company’s exposure and a way to do your bit for the local community.  



If you would like to find out more, please: 



* e-mail us at cadets@pysc.org.uk



(Updated on 11/04/2008)

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