2022 Sailing Programme and roster

Hi All

We have now finished the 2021 sailing season and looking forward to sailing in 2022. The Sailing sub committee has completed next year’s programme, except for the allocation of duties, as for previous years we would ask most members to do 4 duties per year and those that use the club most 1 or 2 more, Those that like to do rescue duties can roster themselves as much as they want, but ensure that you are qualified for the duty you choose.

Please can I ask everyone to complete the same google sheet as last year and choose the duty that suits you (the earlier you do this the more choice you have). Complete the sheet in blue and when it has turned red it has been uploaded to the sailing programme. We will run this allocation sheet to the end of January 2022 and if you haven’t rostered by then the SSC will roster you and the allocation will come out in the booklet in March.

The year starts with the Channel Chop pursuit race on Sat 12th March 2022 and we will need volunteers to run this event along with the rest of the programme. There is no need to put names against wet rescue training.


Roster yourself now to get the dates/events you want. link to a Google Sheets version


Colin Jarvis (PYSC Sailing Sub Committee)

(Updated on 19/01/2022)

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