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Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club

Buddy Duty

The club likes to encourage new members of all ages to take up sailing. On selected race days one or more members will be asked to accompany new and novice members in a boat.

The role of the duty buddy is to ensure that new members are given the opportunity to sail with experienced Club Members on a regular basis throughout the Summer months. The duty buddy shall ensure that a suitable boat is rigged and ready to sail as soon as the Rescue Boat has launched.

New members are encouraged to help the duty buddy to rig and de-rig the boat in order to gain an appreciation of how it is done. In order to ensure a sail, new members must book a place with the duty buddy in advance. This will not only ensure you a place in the boat, but also allow the duty buddy to estimate how long each group will be able to stay out. A booking sheet will be pinned to the notice board in the lobby. A maximum of three new members can be taken out on each trip. (This duty will count for average points.)