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Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club

Galley Duty

The club house has a kitchen area for the provision of snacks and drinks to hungry and thirsty sailors during and after races. Each race day a member will manage the kitchen, providing refreshments and charging a nominal amount to cover costs.

If you are on duty, please bring two pints of milk with you and take payment for the milk from the galley receipts.

If you are able to buy or make cake or bring food suitable for cooking (eg. bacon, rolls, sausage rolls etc.) it would be much appreciated. Charge enough to cover your costs AND make a profit for galley/club funds.

Please take used tea towels home to wash. If you swap a galley duty with another member, please let Stephen Brooks know . Please leave the galley as you would hope to find it!


Please follow our food safety guidelines.

Cooked food (such as sausages and burgers)

The following process applies if you are cooking hot food in the Galley or on the BBQ. If is designed to ensure food is prepared safely. Any feedback on this process is welcome .



  1. Purchase the food on the day or a few days before the event. Please ensure that it will still be before its “use by” on the day of the event. If you would like some advice on quantities then purchase more that you think we need as we would prefer to throw some food away rather that let people go hungry. The Galley prices should be set so you make a small profit, even if we don’t sell all the stock.
  2.  Please can you keep the wrappings, specifically the ingredients in case we have people ask about allergens


  1. Wash hands in the hand washing sink.
  2. Put on apron.
  3. Clean surfaces, with the provided surface cleaner.
  4. Cook food. Please ensure that you use separate utensils for cooked and raw food.
  5. Using the meat thermometer ensure that the centre of the food reaches 75 degrees C for at least 30 seconds.
  6. Cooked food may be store at room temperature for 2 hours.1 After this time it must be disposed of.


Please remove all cooked food from the kitchen when you leave.

Home cooked cakes.

If you would like to bring home cooked cakes to the club, you are welcome to do so. The only requirement is that you make the list of ingredients available so people with allergies are aware of what is in them.


1Keeping Food Hot “You can keep it below 63°C for up to two hours.”